Wound Care Management Program

Nurses That Care provides acute and rehabilitative care for clients with select disorders of the integumentary system such as acute and chronic wounds, pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous stacis, and diabetic ulcers.

In order to achieve our goal we focus on:

  • Utilizing principles of current wound management theory in providing care to clients with acute & chronic wounds.
  • Understanding normal structure & function of the skin & under lying structures across the lifespan.
  • Training & understanding the physiology of wound healing in the both acute & chronic wounds.
  • Providing nutrition & fluid support for each client including ways to modify diet to enhance wound healing.
  • Working together with physician to provide the best topical therapy for each client & their specific needs.
  • Providing care for clients with surgical graft sites & donor sites.
  • Identifying & caring for clients with Venous & Arterial ulcers.
  • Training our staff to apply Unna boot compression bandage as well as any other type of
    compression dressing on clients with Venous stacis ulcers.
  • Identifying & caring for clients with Diabetic and Neuropathic foot ulcers.
  • Providing care for clients utilizing growth factors in wound healing such as Procuren & Regranex.
  • Performing Conservative Sharps Wound debridement per Physicians order.
  • Training our staff to provide care for clients with KCI's VAC (vacuum assisted closure) or Negative pressure wound healing.

Nurses That Care has a commitment to provide the best care for our patients. Our staff of qualified LVN's, RN's and Certified Wound Care Nurse establish a unique holistic plan for each client that includes all of the client and family wound care needs.

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