Your patients deserve exceptional home care…

Traditionally, home care provides your patients with a number of in-home visits each week. Now, when their medical condition warrants it, we can offer the option of monitoring their status on a daily basis.

To provide this enhanced level of care, we have partnered with a company called HomMed LLC. We will
be utilizing the innovative HomMed Monitoring System in selected patient’s homes. Each day, the monitor will collect vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and weight. Each morning,

the monitor talks patients through the process, then automatically transmits the data to our offices where our staff will review their condition.

The vital signs data is stored in a central station computer at our offices and is available anytime you would like to review it. For instance, we could fax you a 30-day trend of your patient’s vital signs the morning of their office visit. You may find this capability especially useful in helping treat your post-surgical patients, congestive heart failure patients, hypertensive patients and those on beta-blockers.

The HomMed Monitoring System
has been extensively tested in several major teaching institutions with outstanding results. The system has been shown to be particularly effective at reducing E.R. visits and repeat hospitalizations. A glucose meter and spirometer are additional features that can be attached for specialized patients. The HomMed Monitoring System has the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s 510-K Class II status approval.

Nurses That Care is the only agency with this capability in this area. While we continue to visit your patients in their homes, we will also watch over them when we can’t be there. You provide your patients with the highest quality of care in your office; our agency will extend that care to your patients' homes.


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